it's someone's birthday today...

by - 08:25

To my dearest, most doting husband: Happy Birthday! Let's go to Caffe Paradiso tonight for a rustic Italian meal and get dessert and cuddle, okay? I hope that all of your wishes come true even before you blow out your candles. I love you!

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  1. birthdays and anniversaries?! it's like tanya and ryan's own little holiday season.

  2. C Griff14.4.10

    so sweet. bonne anniversaire a ryan and hope you both have fun!

  3. that is adorable. i love that you said: "let's cuddle" because i would totally say the same thing. :) happy birthday, ryan!

  4. happy birthday to the husband! hope you guys have a good night!

  5. sweet! Happy (belated) birthday husband of T!


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